Nationwide Auto Enrolment creates a partnership that encompasses every part of the journey facing businesses in Auto Enrolment

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Open to every business, not just a select few.

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Nationwide Auto Enrolment offers schemes that are open to every business, not just a select few. Designed to provide straight forward and cost effective  auto enrolment pension solutions for businesses in the UK. The business prides itself in providing first class services at a market leading price. We also introduced in the unique Reserve Account. Together with bringing in one market leading product the Fund Management and Trustee arrangements of our partners.

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What do I need to do?

To comply you must work out who's affected and choose a Pension Scheme of them. You'll have to communicate changes, enroll your workers into the scheme and make contributions.

You as an Employee are required by law to implement the following by your Staging date:

  • Asset eligibility of employees.
  • Manage Contributions
  • Register with the Pension Regulator
  • Ensure that inducements to opt out are not offered.
  • Ensure that any existing schemes comply with all regulations.
  • Provide regular updates and employee communications.
  • Manage the initial Enrolment process for all employees.
  • Keep Accurate records of all the above.
  • Managing and update the opting in and out of Employee.


What is Auto Enrolment?

UK businesses who employ one or more workers have to put them into a Pension Scheme, if they meet certain criteria. All eligible workers will need to be automatically enrolled into a qualifying workplace pension scheme with mandatory  minimum contributions from both the Employer and Employee. The only criteria is when and how much.


All businesses will have to have a system capable of administrating employee contributions and benefits. In addition businesses must maintain adequate records and meet all the requirements of the Pension Regulator.

This Is where Nationwide Auto Enrolment can Help!

What if I do noting and miss my Staging date?

Answer: You may have to pay heavy fines!

It is Essential that Auto Enrolment is taken on board fully appropriately as failure to comply will mean Employers face the potential following consequences:

  • A wake up call fine to £400
  • 50-249 Employees up to £2500 pay day
  • Persistent offenders will have escalating fines.

Businesses who consider that their Staging date are not yet a priority should take the time to learn the requirements and the effects it will have on them.


Nationwide Auto Enrolment has been created to assist Employers to meet their needs well in advance so that they can continue to run their business with the confidence of knowing that when their Staging date comes they will already have the necessary solution in place.

When does this all happen?

Answer: NOW

New Employees 49 or less jun 2015 - August 2017


New Employee will start automatically enrolling their workers from May 2017 to at least February 2018 onwards.

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Can we Help?

Answer: Absolutely. Nationwide Auto Enrolment creates a partnership that encompasses every part of the journey facing businesses in Auto Enrolment. Which allows you to focus on managing your business.

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